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Download Audiobooks, Audio Magazines, and Braille files from The Braille and Audio Reading Download (BARD) Web Site!

The BARD Mobile App for iPhones and iPads is here!  Download it from Apple's app store or from iTunes. Here is the iTunes link. Enjoy!

There are currently over 35,000 audiobooks, 42 audio magazines, and Braille files that can be downloaded from the BARD web site.

Once you are registered with TBBC, you can apply online for access to BARD

The audiobooks you receive from TBBC and the BARD files will only play on devices authorized by NLS. Needless to say, the digital audiobook player you receive from TBBC is one of these devices. Here is a list of other NLS-authorized devices that can be purchased.  

BARD Application Instructions

In order to register for BARD, you must first be registered with TBBC. If you are not registered with TBBC, call us at 1-800-792-8322 or download an application

Once registered with TBBC, individuals can apply online for a BARD account. Fill out the application completely. Library staff will check your information against their records. If you are approved to participate you will receive a "Welcome to BARD" email message. If there is a problem, you will receive a message explaining the problem. Institutions can apply online for BARD.
If you need assistane with your BARD application, just call our toll-free number at 800-792-8322.

Please note that the information you provide will be shared with the National Library Service, Library of Congress, and with the manufacturer of your purchased digital talking-book player (if necessary).

If you are planning to use a purchased digital talking-book player, you must register it once you have access to the BARD site. At the BARD web site, scroll down until you find "Update Account Settings" and select this link. At the next page, look for "Select this link to add a purchased player."

BARD Downloading Tips

Once you are registered and approved for BARD, you are ready to download  digital books and magazines.  Here are a few tips:

  • Use a flash drive that is between 2 and 8 gibabytes.
  • Your flash drive must be clean with no files on it.
  • Always format your flash drive before you use it. 

Select this link for more detailed instructions on how to download a digital book from BARD.



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