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10 New Devices for People with Physical or Vision Impairments

The accessible technology market is soaring. Mashable posted a news piece on ten new inventions to serve those with physical or vision impairments.  This story is inspirational and high on the "cool technology barometer." Read the full news story here.

Here is just a sample of the devices spotlighted:

Use of Smartphones and Apps by the Visually-Impaired

Read this New York Times blog piece on the accessibility features of smartphones and apps that are aiding those with vision impairments.

Braille Smartphones at Your Service

Changes in smartphone technology are happening at a rapid pace. Advances in accessibility of these devices is a front and center issue thanks to advocates for people who have vision impairments.

The new iPhone 4S has Voice Recognition Software!

Apple announced today that its new iPhone 4S has voice command software. It is called Siri.  With Siri, you speak commands into the iPhone 4S and it performs tasks for you.  

For more information on Siri, see this news story at: http://mashable.com/2011/10/04/apple-siri/

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