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Organizations and Resources for the Visually Impaired, L to Z

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The following is not a complete listing of organizations for the visually impaired. For a more complete listing, consult the online searchable AFB Directory of Services for Blind and Visually Impaired Persons in the United States and Canada published by the American Foundation for the Blind
15 West 16th Street, New York, NY 10011.

Learning Ally
20 Roszel Road
Princeton, NJ 08540
Toll-Free: 800-221-4792
Web site: http://www.learningally.org
E-mail: Custserv@LearningAlly.org

Lends recorded educational and professional books at all academic levels from late elementary through graduate school and beyond. Services are available to persons with a verified visual, physical, or specific learning disability that substantially limits reading. Also sells electronic books, called E-Text, on computer disk.

Lighthouse International
111 East 59th Street
New York, NY 10022
Toll-free: 800-334-5497
Phone: 212-821-9200
Fax: 212-821-9705
Web site: http://www.lighthouse.org
E-mail: info@lighthouse.org

Serves as a clearinghouse for information on vision and aging and on hearing impairment and aging. Offers educational materials for consumers and professionals. Promotes the improvement of service delivery to sensory-impaired older people.

National Alliance of Blind Students
Suite 1004
1155 15th Street NW
Washington, DC 20005
Toll-free: 800-424-8666 from 2:30-5:30 pm
Phone: 202-467-5081
Fax: 202-467-5085
E-mail: infor@acb.org
Web site: http://acb.org/node/511

A national organization of blind students who have a vested interest in education and the integration of college students who are blind or have vision impairments. NABS is involved in legislation and policy making related to rehabilitation programs, financial aid, equal access to classes, provision of alternative textbooks and new technologies. NABS has a scholarship fund that was established in 1990.

National Association for Parents of the Visually Impaired, Inc.
P.O. Box 317
Watertown, MA 02272-0317
Toll-free: 800-562-6265
Fax: 617-972-7444
E-mail: napvi@perkins.org
Web site: www.napvi.org

Addresses the needs of parents and families of children who are visually impaired, provides information about care, treatment, and quality services.

National Association for Visually Handicapped
22 West 21st Street
New York, NY 10010
Phone: 212-889-3141
Fax: 212-727-2931
Web site: http://www.navh.org
E-mail: staff@navh.org

NAVH provides information, referral and direct services. Direct services include offering a free loan library of large print books by mail, offering a wide variety of visual aids in visual aids rooms in New York and San Francisco, and offering counsel and guidance to adults with partial vision and their families and to families and children with partial vision. NAVH acts as a clearinghouse of information for all services available to partially seeing people from federal, state, and local government agencies and from private sources. NAVH publishes materials not available elsewhere concerning the problems encountered by people with partial vision. It publishes two newsletters in large print, one for children and one for adults. Most information is provided in large print. A membership program is available allowing subscribers discounts on services.

National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse
One Information Way
Bethesda, MD 20892-3560
Phone: 301-654-3327
Fax: 301-907-8096
Web site: http://diabetes.niddk.nih.gov
E-mail: ndic@info.niddk.nih.gov

Responds to requests for information about diabetes and its complications, and distributes information to health professionals, people with diabetes and their families, and the general public. Publications include information packets, NDIC fact sheets, The Diabetes Dictionary, and Directory of Diabetes Organizations, some in Spanish.

National Federation of the Blind
1800 Johnson Street
Baltimore, MD 21230
Phone: 410-659-9314
Fax: 410-685-5653
Toll-free job opportunities: 800-414-5748
Web site: http://www.nfb.org
E-mail: nfb@nfb.org

In New Jersey:
National Federation of the Blind - New Jersey
Joe Ruffalo, State President
254 Spruce St.
Bloomfield, NJ 07003
phone: 973-743-0075; 1-866-632-1940
Web site: http://www.nfbnj.org

NFB's National Blindness Information Center attempts to answer by phone or mail, any questions about blindness and the rights of people who are blind. NFB acts as a legislative resource for its state chapters and serves as advocate in discrimination cases for people who are blind. NFB publishes a monthly magazine, The Braille Monitor, which reports on problems, progress, activities and new technologies related to blindness, and it is available in large print, cassette, Braille and diskette. Future Reflections is a quarterly magazine for parents and educators of children who are blind and is available in print or on cassette. Voice of the Diabetic is published quarterly by the Diabetes Division of NFB and is available in print or on cassette.

NFB - National Association of Blind Students
Web site: https://nfb.org/nabs

For over 30 years this national organization of blind students has provided support, information, and encouragement to blind college and university students. NABS offers resources in issues such as national testing, accessible textbooks and materials, overcoming negative attitudes about blindness from school personnel, developing new techniques of accomplishing laboratory or field assignments, and many other college experiences.

In New Jersey: NJ Association of Blind Students

Web site: http://njabs.org

NFB - Parents of Blind Children
POBC-NJ Carol Castellano, President
23 Alexander Avenue
Madison, NJ 07940
Phone: 973-377-0976
e-mail: blindchildren@verizon.net
Web site: www.blindchildren.org

POBC-NJ provides support, information, referrals, training, and advocacy to parents and teachers of blind/visually impaired children. The group helps blind/VI
children grow up to be productive, fully functioning, independent members of society by providing practical information, networking and contact with
other families and blind adults, and teaching a positive attitude toward blindness and the abilities of blind people. The organization is also dedicated to providing
ideas, assistance, and information that will help blind/VI children with additional disabilities reach their potential.

National Organization of Parents of Blind Children (NOPBC)
1800 Johnson St.
Baltimore MD 21230
Web site: www.nfb.org/nopbc
For more information, see the listing for NFB - Parents of Blind Children

National Rehabilitation Information Center
Information Specialist
4200 Forbes Blvd.., Suite 202
Lanham, MD 20706
Toll-free: 800-346-2742
Fax & TTY: 301-459-4263
Web site: www.naric.com
E-mail address: narcinfo@heitechservices.com

New Jersey Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired

153 Halsey Street, 6th Floor
P.O. Box 47017
Newark, NJ 07101
Phone: 973-648-2324
Fax: 973-648-7364
E-mail: cbvi@dhs.state.nj.us
Web site: http://www.nj.gov/humanservices/cbvi/home/index.html

State agency providing various services to blind and visually impaired residents of New Jersey: orientation and mobility training, home instruction programs, prevocational evaluation, rehabilitation center, deaf-blind services, vocational training and job placement follow-up services. Textbook and materials center, technical aids center. Camp Marcella is sponsored by the Commission for the Blind.

New Jersey Foundation for the Blind
18 Green Street
Newark, NJ 07102
Phone: 973-623-3937
Web Site: http://www.njffb.org

Camp/Training Center
230 Diamond Spring Road, P.O. Box 929
Denville, NJ 07834
Phone: 201-627-0055

New Jersey Council on Special Transportation see NJ COST

Parents of Blind Children see NFB - Parents of Blind Children

POBC-NJ see NFB - Parents of Blind Children

Seedlings: Braille Books for Children
P.O. Box 51924
Livonia, MI 48151
Toll-free: 800-777-8552
Fax: 734-427-8552
E-mail: seedlink@aol.com
Web site: www.seedlings.org

Publisher of Braille books for children. Call for free catalog.

Ski for Light, Inc.
1455 West Lake Street
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55408
Phone: 612-827-3232
Web site: http://www.sfl.org
E-mail: info@sfl.org

Ski for Light, Inc. is a non-profit, volunteer-run organization founded in 1975 to promote physical fitness (especially cross-country skiing) and social well-being for adults of all ages who are blind or who have mobility impairments. Regional, national and international events are sponsored by the organization. SFL also acts a the feeder organization for the U.S. Disabled Cross-Country Ski Team.

Statler Center for Careers in Hospitality Service

Olmsted Center for Sight
1160 Main Street, Buffalo, NY  14209
Telephone: 716-888-4526, fax 716-878-4631
Web site: www.statlercenter.org

The Statler Center provides job training programs for physically disabled, blind or visually impaired individuals. 

United States Association of Blind Athletes
1 Olympic Plaza
Colorado Springs, CO 80909
Phone: 719.866.3224
Email: jpotts@usaba.org
Web Site: http://www.usaba.org

USABA promotes athletics among people who are legally blind. USABA is a Disabled Sports Organization member of the U.S. Olympic Committee, the International Blind Sports Association, and International Paralympic Committee. The organization has 40 chapters and 2,200 members participating in the following nine sports: alpine skiing, Nordic skiing, athletics, goalball, judo, powerlifting, swimming, tandem cycling, and wrestling.

Vision Community Services
23A Elm Street
Watertown, MA 02472
Phone: 617-926-4232
Fax: 617-926-1412
E-mail: vcinfo@mablind.org
Web site: www.mablind.org

The foundation operates a nationwide information center, which handles inquiries on the availability of large-print materials and aids and appliances, Social Security and other benefits and services, travel, housing, employment, recreation and other areas. A VISION resource list is available in large print and on cassette. VISION Foundation charges a handling fee for items ordered.

VISIONS/Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired
500 Greenwich St., 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10013-1354
Phone: 212-625-1616
Fax: 212-219-4078
Web site: http://www.visionsvcb.org
E-mail: info@visionsvcb.org

Through its international publication series VISIONS offers (1) self-study cassettes in basic indoor mobility housekeeping skills, personal management, and sensory development; (2) instructor manuals in orientation and mobility, personal management, sewing, and sensory development; and (3) HINTS booklets (English and Spanish) giving basic information to individuals who are newly blind and their families.

Xavier Society for the Blind
154 East 23rd Street
New York, NY 10010
Toll-free: 800-637-9193 or 212-473-7800
Web site: http://xaviersociety.com

Makes available various weekly and monthly Catholic periodicals on cassette; maintains free lending library of hand-transcribed Braille, large-type, and books of primarily religious nature.

*Please note that this list does not imply that we endorse or recommend any specific organization or vendor.

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